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Two-way Strong Mobile-to-Mobile Payment Processing

Two-way Strong

Registered users don't need a credit card, a debit card, or a bank account. Automatic notification messaging provides for two-way communication between two users involved in a payment transaction to ensure that the payment has been sent and received as intended and that any problem or issue regarding the payment can be resolved in a timely manner. The integrated user authentication service automatically re-verifies the user account upon accessing the software application and sending a payment to protect against suspicious activity and to detect potential fraud.


User Authentication

User Authenticator Mobile App

Your mobile phone becomes your identification card that can be used to verify your identity. There is no need to enter a password or a PIN or to carry around another physical item such as a paper ID card or a payment card. Logging in to the Two-way Strong software applications is automatic. A third-party software developer can modify their software application to use the Two-way Strong automatic user login capability.


Payment Sender

Budget Manager Mobile App

A consumer can send a payment directly to a merchant, an organization, or another person, by using a mobile phone and without having a credit card or a bank account. The consumer can be sending the payment online to another registered user in a different country or can be sending the payment to a merchant in a retail store. The consumer, of course, can cancel or dispute the payment just as easily as sending it.


Payment Receiver

Merchant Register Mobile App

A merchant can receive a payment directly from a customer, by using a mobile tablet that does not go through a third-party payment processor or a traditional financial institution. This Point-of-Sale system provides one complete package to manage products, scan UPC barcodes, record sales orders, and collect payments.


Online Central Hub

Online Central Hub for User Logins

Aside from payment processing, the Two-way Strong system provides a user authentication service to organizations to manage user account provisioning and management and user login. Organizations can use the Two-way Strong Application Programming Interface (API) to provide authorization and access to their software applications for already verified users. At the time of user login, the organization's software application automatically connects to the Two-way Strong User Authenticator that will re-verify the user and grant or deny him or her access to the organization's software. If the Two-way Strong system detects suspicious activity that's attempting to gain access into the organization's software, the true holder of the user account will be notified immediately, and the suspicious user will be blocked.


How It Works

How It Works Diagram


What's the Cost?

The Two-way Strong software applications are free to download and use. At the time of making a payment, however, a user is charged a payment transaction fee. Read the current fee rates for payment transactions.


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