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Two-way Strong Mobile-to-Mobile Payment Processing

Two-way Strong


An entire software-based payment system that doesn’t need plastic cards.


  • Lowest cost alternative to operate and maintain Point-of-Sale systems.
  • Direct transfer of funds without an intermediary payment processor.
  • Automated resolution of payment disputes without a customer service agent.
  • Automated detection and blocking of a fraudulent person at the time of sale.


Registered users don’t need a credit card or a debit card. Automatic notification messaging provides for two-way communication between two users involved in a payment transaction to ensure that the payment has been sent and received as intended and that any problem or issue regarding the payment can be resolved in a timely manner. The integrated user authentication service automatically re-verifies the user account upon accessing the software application and sending a payment to protect against suspicious activity and to detect potential fraud.


In compliance with U.S. financial regulations and personal privacy protections.


Budget Manager Mobile App

Budget Manager Menu Directory Screen


Menu Directory

The Directory screen represents the main menu where you can access all the major features. You can review your deposits and withdrawals in the General Ledger. You can further review up-to-the-minute charts to spot irregularities in daily withdrawals and deposits. The Analysis function allows you to create several metrics to monitor the status of your finances. The Payee List shows all the people and companies that you submitted payments to. It also provides convenience in selecting a person to whom you will send a new payment.


Submit a Payment Screen


Submit a Payment

The Payment screen makes it easy for you to send a payment to another person. The recipient can be located anywhere around the world. Follow these simple steps:


  1. Select an existing recipient from the “Pay To” menu or search for a new person.
  2. Enter a brief note or a short description about the payment.
  3. Enter the total amount of the payment.
  4. Tap on “Submit” to send it.


The transaction is processed instantly and you will receive an immediate notification. If you made a mistake, you can cancel the payment.


Payment Notification Screen


Payment Notification

Within a limited time period, you can initiate the process to dispute a payment. The “Payment Approval Response” message provides a basic form to do this. Simply select a reason and enter a brief description and then tap on “Dispute”. Your recipient will receive the request immediately and can respond with comments. If your recipient accepts your claim, the system will claw back the total amount immediately and nullify the payment automatically.


Merchant Register Mobile App

The Two-way Strong Merchant Register provides necessary functions to manage products, scan UPC barcodes, record sales orders, and collect payments, all in one complete package that operates in a mobile tablet. It offers a low-cost Point-of-Sale (POS) system for operation in a conventional store. The merchant does not need a payment terminal or additional devices.


Merchant Point-of-Sale New Order Screen


New Sales Order

A sales clerk can create a new sales order and process a sales transaction in an efficient workflow process. Products are quickly added and calculated. Any applicable sales tax and shipping charge can also be included. The sales clerk can choose to accept payment electronically or allow the consumer to pay in cash. If electronic mode is selected, the transaction is processed instantly and the consumer will receive an immediate notification.


How It Works

How It Works Diagram

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Two-way Strong Mobile-to-Mobile Payment Processing

Send an e-mail to learn how to get the software. Contact us further if you are a bank, a microfinance lender, an e-commerce online retailer, or a merchant and would like to integrate the system in your business operation.


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