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Payment Processing & User Authentication

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Two-way Strong is two systems. The payment processing system enables merchants to receive payments directly from consumers — without using credit cards and an intermediary payment processor. The user authentication system verifies computer users’ accounts for securely accessing many Web applications and mobile apps — with one user account per person.


User authentication just got easier and yet does not compromise security.


Two-way Strong User Authenticator
  • A true Single-Sign-On (SSO) system. Session management is maintained across varied systems — both Web and mobile. No cookies!

  • User login is like two-factor authentication. The user must have their mobile phone in hand to complete the user login process.

  • A complex password is no longer required. Ever! Two-way Strong generates a one-time numeric passcode upon the user’s request.

  • Verifying the user’s identity relies on multiple authentication factors. Two-way Strong matches the user’s computer IP address, present location, and phone number at time of access.

  • Personal information is stored in an encrypted format. Any request to retrieve and display the user’s information requires expressed consent from the user.


Greater assurance in sending and receiving payments backed by user confirmation.


  • While processing a payment is fast and efficient, Two-way Strong gives both the sender and the recipient an opportunity to approve or reject the payment. Such opportunity affords the parties to give their expressed confirmation.

  • Payment transactions don’t go through a third-party payment processor like what’s typically done with credit card transactions. This makes it easier to cancel a payment without incurring an additional cost or fee.

  • Authorization of payments applies Two-way Strong’s user authentication protocol to ensure that the sender is not a fraudulent user. A fraudulent transaction can be stopped immediately.


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Partnerships Welcome

Contact us if you are a bank officer, a microfinance lender, a money transfer agent, an e-commerce operator, or a merchant and would like to integrate the payment processing system in your business operation.


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