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Two-way Strong Software Applications

Application Programming Interface (API)

Organizations can use the Two-way Strong API to authenticate users and allow them access into their online systems and Web sites. Individuals create and use a Two-way Strong user account to log in to the systems configured with the API. Two-way Strong manages user accounts on behalf of organizations. Read more about the API.


User Authenticator Mobile App

Individuals use the Two-way Strong User Authenticator in their mobile device to automatically log in to other mobile apps that are configured to use the Two-way Strong user authentication system. Software developers can authenticate users and allow them access into their mobile apps. Read more about the User Authenticator.


Budget Manager Mobile App

The Two-way Strong Budget Manager allows consumers to send payments to merchants and to track and analyze deposits and withdrawals. Read more about the Budget Manager.


Merchant Register Mobile App

The Two-way Strong Merchant Register allows merchants to receive payments from consumers. This mobile app provides a complete Point-of-Sale (POS) system to manage products, scan UPC barcodes, record sales orders, and collect payments. The Merchant Register is optimized to run in a mobile tablet. Read more about the Merchant Register.


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