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About Two-way Strong

The Two-way Strong system was developed by Edward Y. Uechi. In the process of delivering a farm management system to farmers, Edward observed a challenge faced by many people inside and outside the farming community. The Two-way Strong system provides a pure Internet-based financial solution for everybody — from the richest to the poorest — to make secure and verifiable payments with confidence. Leveraging the widespread and increasing use of smartphones, the Two-way Strong system allows anyone from a remote village in Africa to an urban metropolis in the United States to build a credit history for which an account holder can use to obtain formal financial support from traditional banks to non-profit microlenders and further their financial goals.

The Two-way Strong system arose from the concept of financial literacy and the need to have financial inclusion. Edward's vision is to see that everybody can have the opportunity to participate in commerce in a way that results in every person being able to strengthen their credit and overall financial footing.